Rory McIlroy will become the next Tiger Woods if he carries on with the same pace in the golf. McIlroy went above and beyond his potential by shooting extremely low. Sixteen under par to be exact, a 72-hole record at the U.S. Open. The PGA tour’s version of Justin Bieber couldn’t have had a more dominating first major victory.

Everyone else was just playing for second – they wern’t even worth wasting a free bet on! Every player that Bob Costas interviewed could not avoid the round of statements putting McIlroy on a pedestal. And every player had nothing but rave reviews for their bunker buddy.

The Congressional has never seen such a performance in the tournament’s 111-year history, that’s for sure. What’s not certain is how golf will react to a new Grand Poobah. No Tiger, big problem.


The World Golf Tour has been recently reviewed and been given a positive rating by many. You start by painlessly setting up your account, for free, and picking your own avatar to represent you on the courses. You’re then put into the game on your own in a tutorial of sorts, which you can opt out of any any point, where you learn how to putt and in turn put the lessons to practice. By your 18th hole you’ve already learned the gist of what to do, and all that’s left is to fine-tune it.

As you play you also learn to factor in other things, such as wind strength and direction, how far your target is versus how far you can potentially hit the ball, and which club you should use. The game sets you up for each shot with the club it recommends, but you can always change it. Using a timed meter at the bottom of your screen, you must time your ‘shot’ as close to the target spot as you can in order to make the perfect shot.

The game is shown in the third person, with your avatar front and centre. If you want to see the course from different angles the choices are limited, but are available, via pre-designated camera angles you can choose on the map. These are extra handy for tricky shots, where you need to factor in slopes on the green to aim your shot well.

You can also customise your player to give him the latest Ping golf clubs, Titleist balls, and even a FootJoy glove.