Tom Lewis turns to Luke Donald

English golfer Tom Lewis looks very much like the former world number one Luke Donald when he swings; employs his brother Christian Donald as his caddie and has now turned to the Englishman for advice on how to turn his faltering career around and get it back on track.

Beginning as a fresh faced amateur rocketing up the leader board after the first round of the 2011 Open at the Royal St. George’s and going on to win his first title as a professional a mere three months later, Lewis has fallen into a trap that has held back the careers of many young and aspiring golfers.

According to the youngster, like several other young players trying to make their mark, he was trying a bit too hard. He mentioned that he changed a lot of things, hoping that he would begin to play better a lot quicker than it actually turns out and as a result, he lost his confidence and went on a downward spiral.

And it was then that Christian walked into his career like a blessing, taking up the roles of caddying for the youngster. He had the idea who Tom should turn to in order to address his frailties when it comes to the short game and it was under his advice that the youngster flew over to Florida to spend some time training with the man who is arguably the best in the department.

Lewis mentioned that it was really great of Luke to take him under his wings and added that they have played a few rounds of golf together and he already a feels a change coming in him, the lost confidence is also returning slowly and steadily. And Luke himself thinks it is just a matter of time before the youngster takes the world by storm.