Patrick Reed goes from bummer to bazooka

In what seemed a certain recipe for disaster, Patrick Reed managed to pull off a miracle of sorts as he went on to win his first title on the US PGA Tour at the Wyndham Championship on Sunday.

In barely a matter of two strokes, Reed went from being a certain disaster to registering his first win on the Tour, beating Jordan Spieth in the second round of the playoff at the championships and pocketing a cool $ 940,000 for his efforts.

In the second hole of the playoff round for the championship, Reed managed to pull off an almost improbable birdie that stunned not only the crowd but also his opponent, who admitted it was the best shot that he has ever seen in his short career on the US PGA Tour.

Having recovered from a drive on the par-4 10th that came very close to going out of bounds before being stopped courtesy the joint efforts of some pine needles and television cables, Patrick Reed pulled out his seven iron before unleashing an almost baseball like swing to land the ball just a few feet from the hole.

And speaking of the shot, Reed admitted that it was easily the best shot that he has hit in his entire career. Having reached so close to the finish, Reed then went on to sink the birdie putt and although it was merely seven feet away, Reed felt it was almost 40 feet to end the event with the winner’s trophy.

And Patrick Reed stated that it meant a lot to him to get the first title of his professional career on the US PGA Tour under his belt and also hailed Spieth, who failed to become the youngest golfer in the professional era from becoming a two time PGA champion.