Savior For Golf Courses

The Atlantic borne storm leading to severe coastal erosion could be greatly devastating for many golf courses- But it was the wise “rock armour” defense supporting the courses that stood up against the bad coastal erosion.

The lucky courses to be saved by the rock armour were the famous Tralee, Ballybunion & Dooks fields. Many greenkeepers & club officials are immensely grateful to whoever came up with this rock armor system as the mechanism has proved to be really worthy in limiting the storm-borne damages to just rocks, litter and debris. A simple manual clean-up is adequate enough to get back the courses in the previous condition even after the heavy Atlantic blows.

The Dooks course superintendent Mr. Michael Shanahan was in all praise for the rock armour guard fixed on their field. “We could escape the heinous effects of the storm thanks to the rock armor protection erected along our shoreline since the last 3 decades.” The Dooks course had been supported with rock armour since 80’s as a strong protection measure against devastating coastal erosion- a number new rock armour erections were devised for the course in the recent years as well.

“The rock armour defense is eco-friendly and had the support not been there- I can assume- a great share of dunes have been just washed away. We could have lost out on guts of 9 holes”, Shanahan added further.

The Ballybunion course had long been suffered the ruinous effects of coastal erosion until recently rock armor & gabions were formalized for the course. Albeit, the protection measure was pricey for the course but the safeguard it offered against the recent Atlantic storm proved it to be a really fruitful investment.

“We had a very limited damage and are in need of very little clean-up”, noted Vari McGreevy, the relieved general manager of the Ballybunion course.