Extra Tickets for UFC Dublin Fight Night On Sale

Great news for the UFC Irish fans who tried hard yet failed to gather tickets for the high profile UFC Dublin Fight Night- extra tickets for the match are to be out on sale today to accommodate more number of spectators.

One of the most speculated upcoming UFC events, the UFC Dublin Fight Night is slated for July 19, 2014 and would feature a high profile combat between local Irishman “The Notorious” Conor McGregor & Brazilian Diego Brandao. The tickets are being put on sale since BST 10 a.m.

The UFC Dublin bout would be hosted by Dublin based 02 Arena.

The previous edition of tickets for the highly anticipated event saw a staggering sale where the entire bunch was sold out within minutes only. A huge number of Irish fans who could not make in time were highly disappointed. But the additional sale starting from July would of course make up for the miss in the first round.

The Irish fans who are geared to have their seats with the additional ticket round must thank the reconstruction decision taken up by the stadium authorities. The latest reconfiguration plan added on a substantial number of extra seats to the arena which helped in having another edition of ticket sales, much to the pleasure of Irish fans.

Garry Cook, the UFC Vice President & EMEA Managing Director expressed great pleasure while declaring the additional sale of the Dublin match tickets. “We are really ecstatic to see that the Dublin event has been really successful in capturing people’s imagination here & the tickets actually sold out as per our original plan. We have got an unbelievable support & o2 is going to have quite a blistering ambience since the 1st horn. UFC Dublin Fight Night is the successful-most UFC event witnessed at Europe ever & we are on plans for number of events throughout 2014 & 2015.