Ian Poulter Advances Through Qualifier To Earn A British Open Spot

Ian Poulter earned his way back to Royal Birkdale and the footprints he left behind a decade ago at the British Open.

Ian Poulter in his latest tweet said “Job is doing today,”. He tweeted it after shooting rounds of 70-68 at Woburn Golf Club, this is his home club and one out of five final qualifying sites. With this Poulter earned one of three spots from every site that were available.

Shiv Kapur, who is from India in the second round shot a 65 at the club to return to the championship British Open. This is the first time he has done this since 2013. The spot third was acquired by Toby Tree, who finished two shots behind Kapur as well as Poulter.

Poulter has left his mark at Royal Birkdale. On the course he worked so hard that he stood in the same spot for hours on the championship’s. He stood there so long that the grass beneath his shoes gets killed off and a shade of brown of his footprints was left behind.
The tournament is going to place in July, between 20 July to 23rd of July.

When Poulter was asked about his preparation for the tournament, he said,”In golf, things have changed a lot. Lots of talents have come in and to compete with them, one has to be really fit and play the best. I am too concentrating on my game and hoping to see some good time in the championship.”

When asked about his chances of win he said, “It would be too early to say, if I am fully prepared to win the championship, but yes, like other my objective of being the part of the tournament is to win it. And I am preparing myself for that” He added.