Lee Westwood At The Augusta National

Lee Westwood is unable to make the most of the chances that come his way at the Masters.

This became evident at the second round of the tournament. Those who have followed his playoffs this year would have seen how he had taken an iron shot at Round Two in the Augusta National. As he shot a five over par 77 in the second round, he is known to be the Worksop golfer and he has led the English golfing community at the opening holes of this tournament this year. However the efforts he put in on Friday led to him slipping down to 19th position.

However, he was able to make the cut that gave him a chance to be part of the rally. He was able to hit from a bunker and scored the second hole in the Masters final round that was held at the Augusta National Golf Club. Being a talented English player he is known to have won about 39 tournaments worldwide.

However, his wins at the Masters come close but have not resulted in a victory as yet. That has not prevented him from being ranked as the number one player even though he has never made a major win. At 43 years of age, he remained competitive and tied in the eighteenth position last week. Even though he lost out at the Augusta it left him in the ninth position in the top 20 and at 29th position in the major. It showcases the agonizing close calls that >Westwood has had. He had been the hole leader in 2013 as well as 2010 main events, but lost out to others in both Masters and Open events. It is not only Westwood, who has been falling short of winning majors but Garcia as well. The latter is known to pout when he blows his chances though Westwood is known to remain magnanimous in the face of losses.