Martin Kaymer Leading The PGA Grand Slam of Golf

Martin Kaymer gained a two shot lead over Bubba Watson and is currently leading in the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. His score stood at 6 under 65, he scored the only eagle of the day and five birdies. The German had previously won the US Open.

Rory McIlroy, Champion of both British Open and PGA, in spite of starting strong, fell back on Tuesday. Jim Furyk, was seven shots behind, his score stood at 72. The final round is scheduled to take place on Wednesday at Port Royal.

Kaymer considers that his start was very good. He also said that as the first six to seven holes were not windy, he thought it would be advantageous for him to be able to do a few birdies. According to him, he played consistently. Kaymer considers hitting a lot of fairways to be important on the kind of grass he had had to face. He said that his putting felt good to him. Kaymer made one three-putt that day and he considers that to be the reason he made the bogey. For him one bogey was not a very big deal. He said that it is OK if one makes only one bogey in that course.

Kaymer managed to build his lead very fast by getting birdies on his opening two holes. He followed that up by two shots on sixth and seventh holes. Kaymer’s shot at No. 6 stopped 2 inches short of the hole. Kaymer said regarding the shot that he felt good after the shot but he didn’t think it was long enough.

Bubba Watson, winner of green jacket at this year’s Augusta, his second, was two shots behind the German Golfer and two shots ahead of McIlroy.

Jim Furyk was seven shots behind all the other three golfers. He is currently in the last position