Martin Kaymer Leading The PGA Grand Slam of Golf

Martin Kaymer gained a two shot lead over Bubba Watson and is currently leading in the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. His score stood at 6 under 65, he scored the only eagle of the day and five birdies. The German had previously won the US Open.

Rory McIlroy, Champion of both British Open and PGA, in spite of starting strong, fell back on Tuesday. Jim Furyk, was seven shots behind, his score stood at 72. The final round is scheduled to take place on Wednesday at Port Royal.

Kaymer considers that his start was very good. He also said that as the first six to seven holes were not windy, he thought it would be advantageous for him to be able to do a few birdies. According to him, he played consistently. Kaymer considers hitting a lot of fairways to be important on the kind of grass he had had to face. He said that his putting felt good to him. Kaymer made one three-putt that day and he considers that to be the reason he made the bogey. For him one bogey was not a very big deal. He said that it is OK if one makes only one bogey in that course.

Kaymer managed to build his lead very fast by getting birdies on his opening two holes. He followed that up by two shots on sixth and seventh holes. Kaymer’s shot at No. 6 stopped 2 inches short of the hole. Kaymer said regarding the shot that he felt good after the shot but he didn’t think it was long enough.

Bubba Watson, winner of green jacket at this year’s Augusta, his second, was two shots behind the German Golfer and two shots ahead of McIlroy.

Jim Furyk was seven shots behind all the other three golfers. He is currently in the last position

Williams would consider caddying for Tiger Woods

Steve Williams has plenty of offers on the table to mull over but he would rather caddy part time for Tiger Woods, if only his former employer gave him a call.
Williams caddied thirteen long years for the former world number one and he planned to slowly ease into retirement after Adam Scott, his employer for the past three and a half years, let him off his duties a month back. But now the 50 year old Kiwi, who still hasn’t quite digested the acrimonious circumstances in which he was fired by Woods in 2011, has said that he would indeed consider returning to caddy for his former employer.
Williams stated that Woods is definitely someone that he would consider caddying for. He added that Tiger Woods is a very special talent but it will be very difficult to say anything concrete at this time because it has just been two weeks since he has hung up the clubs.
Woods and Williams did not enjoy the most amicable of splits and there have been repercussions of that bad blood between them which has boiled over a couple of times over the years.
It was only last December that Williams said that he needs to have a face to face talk with Woods and settle things amicably, but added that the opportunity for that hasn’t quite arisen.
Williams did mention that he felt bad about the way things ended between him and Woods. He mentioned that it was indeed disappointing, he caddied for Tiger Woods for over thirteen years and he put his heart and soul into it but there has been no correspondence between them since the split whatsoever and he felt hurt that Tiger could treat him the way he has done after what they have been together over the years.

An incredible year for Rickie Fowler

For one of the youngest players in the professional golf face, Rickie Fowler has had one incredible year.

Fowler has kept crowds entertained with his ridiculous choice of hats still his score on the popularity scale is not that appreciable. He strikes today as one of the formidable players as this young genius managed to secure a place in the top five at all the major titles this 2014. He stood second in both the U.S. Open and British Open, was placed third the PGA Championship and finished fifth at the Augusta. This remarkable feat has him lined with greats like Jack and Woods.

After the PGA championship in an interview Rickie Fowler was reportedly heard saying, “This was a lucky year. I had finished at the top five, but being placed third behind McIlory (winner) and Mickelson (second place) was hard. I played my best but it still stings to lose.” Fowler became the first player in a modern day golf arena to pocket four top-five positions without a win.

Fowler and McIlroy are the same age, 25 and their rivalry will be the one people want to see in future. They are the two most talented and smoothest players displaying immense respect for the other. They have apparently also shared competitively healthy posts over twitter where Rickie Fowler congratulated McIlroy who tweeted back for the upcoming many battles to be fought in future.

Fowler in the PGA Championships lost a chance at the first place after bogeying the par three 14th where he hit the ball too far right. “This was an error for lack of concentration. I could not focus properly, if I had just made those last five – six holes strong, I would have a trophy to claim my own. I am really disappointed with the outcome,” informed Fowler after the PGA.

Tiger Woods no longer a threat to Phil Mickelson

This season’s Ryder Cup finale can very well be between Phil Mickelson and Rory Mcllroy, the odds being in Mickelson’s favor.

Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson shared the penultimate position at the Valhalla and have come out as absolute favorites for the season. Phil Mickelson, all of 44 years in age has made the past year seem meaningful by securing a place in the team United States. He is a player who has already made 10 Ryder Cup appearances and stands a good chance of captaining Team U.S. soon. The other players in the team consider him a mentor and elder brother and are very likely to take cues from him.

With the two big names missing from competition, Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson, Mickelson is very likely the favorite for the American side of the fans. While Johnson has an anti-Mickelson persona regarded his absence from golf to deal with issues back home, Woods absence is on account of his ongoing issues with his lower back. Woods was also absent in 2008 at Valhalla owing to knee injury. His absence will give Mickelson free ground to earn him the king – of – the – hill honor.

The Louisville air was muggy when the Americans were either competing to earn places for the automatic qualifications or were playing to impress Captain Watson. “The Ryder cup is a platform for players to re-invent themselves and being a lovable team mate doesn’t matter. Reed and Mickelson will manage, I know,” Watson was heard saying.
There are a total of nine players who have managed to secure their places in the Ryder Cup battle from the U.S. side and the final line-up is pretty intense – Watson, Fowler, Mickelson, Furyk, Walker, Kuchar, Johnson, Reed and Spieth. There are three more spots for the captain to choose as wild entries; who will they be?

Extra Tickets for UFC Dublin Fight Night On Sale

Great news for the UFC Irish fans who tried hard yet failed to gather tickets for the high profile UFC Dublin Fight Night- extra tickets for the match are to be out on sale today to accommodate more number of spectators.

One of the most speculated upcoming UFC events, the UFC Dublin Fight Night is slated for July 19, 2014 and would feature a high profile combat between local Irishman “The Notorious” Conor McGregor & Brazilian Diego Brandao. The tickets are being put on sale since BST 10 a.m.

The UFC Dublin bout would be hosted by Dublin based 02 Arena.

The previous edition of tickets for the highly anticipated event saw a staggering sale where the entire bunch was sold out within minutes only. A huge number of Irish fans who could not make in time were highly disappointed. But the additional sale starting from July would of course make up for the miss in the first round.

The Irish fans who are geared to have their seats with the additional ticket round must thank the reconstruction decision taken up by the stadium authorities. The latest reconfiguration plan added on a substantial number of extra seats to the arena which helped in having another edition of ticket sales, much to the pleasure of Irish fans.

Garry Cook, the UFC Vice President & EMEA Managing Director expressed great pleasure while declaring the additional sale of the Dublin match tickets. “We are really ecstatic to see that the Dublin event has been really successful in capturing people’s imagination here & the tickets actually sold out as per our original plan. We have got an unbelievable support & o2 is going to have quite a blistering ambience since the 1st horn. UFC Dublin Fight Night is the successful-most UFC event witnessed at Europe ever & we are on plans for number of events throughout 2014 & 2015.

Bubba Watson, one of the best?

Bubba Watson is undoubtedly one of the greatest golfers of all time. A true eccentric, he has been known to wow his fans time and again, both on and off the field. Off the field, he recently was seen buying everyone at Ping headquarters lunch. And he literally bought lunch for all the 900 people there!

But in other news, Bubba Watson has been said to have returned to train for The Players Championship. He was last seen in April, where he won the Masters with great class and panache, and he hung up his green jacket after that. After defeating Jordan Spieth and Jonas Blixt, he did not touch his golfing clubs at all for a whole half month. He had been planning a vacation with his wife for a very long time, and he followed it through. He went around town, so to speak, doing many things, all of which did not involve playing any golf professionally. But now he’s back, and he has been seen training harder than ever.

This can be because of the fact that the grounds of The Players Championship have been known to be Bubba’s bane, and he has floundered quite a bit here on many occasions. And according to him, the sight of these grounds always seems to be “mean” to him. The faraway and the roughs in this course all seem to blend in, and this poses a serious problem for most golfers, and Watson is not taking any chances this time. But Bubba is hopeful of the fact that since he has been on a winning streak for quite some time now, and the last two years have been really rewarding for him, he is quite hopeful that this time around, things will be working out better for him, and Bubba Watson will emerge the victor.

Day confident ahead of Masters

Australian Jason Day is hopeful his performances all through this season, especially his win at the World Golf Championship – Accenture Match Play Championship a few weeks back will hold him in good stead and might go a long way in helping him break his major duck as the first major of the season tees off in three weeks’ time at the Augusta National with the Masters.

Day was speaking to the media ahead and during the World Golf Championship – Cadillac Championship at Doral last week and he feels extremely confident that he is in a good place this season to finally break the long awaited duck in the majors.

The 26 year old was the leading player at the Augusta National last season, going into the final rounds but two bogeys on the 16th and 17th holes all but put him out of contention and helped Adam Scott win the title as he became the first Australian to win the Masters title.

Day mentioned that the pressure of holding off the challenge from some of the biggest names in golf did get to him in the end. He added that being in that situation was an amazing feeling for him, especially after he managed a birdie during the 15th hole.

He went on to add that to be ahead with just three holes left was a feeling where he felt everything would be fine and if he played three good holes, then he would become the first Australian to win the Masters.

But that wasn’t how things panned out as Scott famously clinched the title. Day said that people have been spoiled by watching the likes of Tiger Woods who makes it look so easy, holding his nerve till the end but it is one of the most difficult things to do.

Savior For Golf Courses

The Atlantic borne storm leading to severe coastal erosion could be greatly devastating for many golf courses- But it was the wise “rock armour” defense supporting the courses that stood up against the bad coastal erosion.

The lucky courses to be saved by the rock armour were the famous Tralee, Ballybunion & Dooks fields. Many greenkeepers & club officials are immensely grateful to whoever came up with this rock armor system as the mechanism has proved to be really worthy in limiting the storm-borne damages to just rocks, litter and debris. A simple manual clean-up is adequate enough to get back the courses in the previous condition even after the heavy Atlantic blows.

The Dooks course superintendent Mr. Michael Shanahan was in all praise for the rock armour guard fixed on their field. “We could escape the heinous effects of the storm thanks to the rock armor protection erected along our shoreline since the last 3 decades.” The Dooks course had been supported with rock armour since 80’s as a strong protection measure against devastating coastal erosion- a number new rock armour erections were devised for the course in the recent years as well.

“The rock armour defense is eco-friendly and had the support not been there- I can assume- a great share of dunes have been just washed away. We could have lost out on guts of 9 holes”, Shanahan added further.

The Ballybunion course had long been suffered the ruinous effects of coastal erosion until recently rock armor & gabions were formalized for the course. Albeit, the protection measure was pricey for the course but the safeguard it offered against the recent Atlantic storm proved it to be a really fruitful investment.

“We had a very limited damage and are in need of very little clean-up”, noted Vari McGreevy, the relieved general manager of the Ballybunion course.

Rory McIlroy happy to settle

Rory McIlroy, the North Ireland golfer, has settled a legal challenge with his former sponsor Oakley, an American sportswear company.On Sunday, Rory revealed the news without disclosing anything on the deal’s condition.

A sponsorship change to Nike earlier in January by the Irish golfer prompted his former American sponsors to start a legal battle to try to keep its sponsorship contract, stating that it had the right to match any amended deal with another company.

In a statement reads that the legal claims brought by Oakley against Rory McIlroy in California have been amicably settled to the satisfaction of both parties. McIlroy is happy that the case is now behind him.

Earlier this month, McIlroy told that his legal problems had weighed on during a disappointing year. Back in September, the former number one golfer terminated his contract with Horizon Sports Management to make his very own management company and the bitter split has also gone to the courts.

In the mean time, Rory ended a boosting week with a 5 under par sixty seven to snatch the joint 5thh spot at World Tour Championship held in Dubai. He finished ten shots behind Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson, the 1st man to win Race to Dubai as well as FedEx Cup during the same year. Graeme McDowell also went in the event in 3rd in Race standings and requiring winning to pip Stenson as well as 2nd spot Justin Rose.

Tough remembrance for Jim Furyk

Text messages and congratulatory phone calls were flowing during the weekend, mainly on Sunday, when Jim Furyk could not do anything but listen the rain falling on the roof, answer the calls of his well wishers and watch football on television.

Jim understood that he got more praise for shooting fifty-nine on Friday than he did for his sixteen wins at the PGA Tour, including US Open in the year 2003. It was a huge deal to shot the golf magic number. He is just the 6th player in the history of PGA to break sixty.

It would have been better for Jim had he been capable to back it up on Monday with a win at BMW Championship, where the bad weather held up the final round ended without him holding the prize. Zach Johnson, who got his tenth PGA Tour championship, had been damning on win for the last 2 months, casting off in a playoff at John Deere Classic and rolling off top ten finishes at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the Wyndham Championship, the PGA Championship and Open Championship.

The Masters 2007 champ hit a final round sixty-five on a windy cool day. And throwing away to that number is not a shame. Still, this score was not good for Jim, who had final round bad luck in earlier win at the Tour Championship in the year 2010.

Johnson told that one could not help but feel for Jim. He had a remarkable week.