PGA Tour Extended Its Relationship With CBS, NBC

In a recent disclosure, it has been made clear from the authorities of the PGA Tour that it is sticking with NBC and CBS at least up to 2021.

A spokesperson of the tour confirmed that the organization opted not move out of deal with the current television with the two networks. The organization was supposed to take the decision with regards to the same in the 2018 and the deadline was Sept. 1.

The deal of tour with Golf Channel, meanwhile, does not have any cause to opt-out from the deal and it is signed through 2021.

According to the information from different sources, the tour reached to a number of outlets, this includes the Fox, Turner and ESPN and to check the interest in a potential deal or getting help to launch its own channel.
When Jay Monahan, the commissioner was asked about the possibility of launching the own channel, he clearly said that, no such plans are there in the immediate future.

He said, “As of now we are focusing on doing things that we can do to grow and develop the game, and expect to carry forward our partnership with the networks as long as we can.”

“Talking about owning a network, then it is a complicated subject, and not the subject on which we are going to spend a lot of time and effort. At present, we are focusing building our base and making giving more exposure to golf and continue our partnership with those networks with whom we are in business with.”

Talking about the possibilities of switching to a new network, Monahan said, there is no such plans present in the near future. For now, the status will remain same, what it is. There is no major change expected here.