Williams would consider caddying for Tiger Woods

Steve Williams has plenty of offers on the table to mull over but he would rather caddy part time for Tiger Woods, if only his former employer gave him a call.
Williams caddied thirteen long years for the former world number one and he planned to slowly ease into retirement after Adam Scott, his employer for the past three and a half years, let him off his duties a month back. But now the 50 year old Kiwi, who still hasn’t quite digested the acrimonious circumstances in which he was fired by Woods in 2011, has said that he would indeed consider returning to caddy for his former employer.
Williams stated that Woods is definitely someone that he would consider caddying for. He added that Tiger Woods is a very special talent but it will be very difficult to say anything concrete at this time because it has just been two weeks since he has hung up the clubs.
Woods and Williams did not enjoy the most amicable of splits and there have been repercussions of that bad blood between them which has boiled over a couple of times over the years.
It was only last December that Williams said that he needs to have a face to face talk with Woods and settle things amicably, but added that the opportunity for that hasn’t quite arisen.
Williams did mention that he felt bad about the way things ended between him and Woods. He mentioned that it was indeed disappointing, he caddied for Tiger Woods for over thirteen years and he put his heart and soul into it but there has been no correspondence between them since the split whatsoever and he felt hurt that Tiger could treat him the way he has done after what they have been together over the years.